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重庆市合川区林ȝ有限公司?015q?1?日正式成立,其占?0余亩Q生产徏{面U达?80000qxcI位于重庆合川“玻璃之乡”经q?q发?如今拥有池炉2座,主要生U达十余条,可生产种cd多,有水杯系?nbsp;果汁?/a>pd 搅拌?/a>pdQ还?a href="http://www.zjtjgsk.com/dz/" target="_blank">灯罩pd 烟灰~系?瓶罐pd {众多玻璃制品?

重庆市合川区林ȝ有限公司在不断地完善生l营理也不断地完善客户服务 以质量求生存 以诚信求发展 的企业文?与客戯成双赢ؓ目标

Chongqing Huchuan District Xianglin Glass,Ltd.was officially established on November 3,2015,It covers an area of more than 60 acres and produces building areas up to 38000 square meters.Located in the”Glass Town”of Hechuan,Chongqing,after three years of development,it now has two tanks and two tanks,The main production line of more than 10,can produce a large variety of glass products,such as cup series of juice cup series mixing bowl series,lamp shade series ashtray series bottle series and so on.

Chongqing Hechuan District Xianglin Glass CO.Ltd.is constantly improving production and management and customer service.The goal is to achieve a win-win situation with the enterprise culture of quality,survival and honest development and clients.

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